Friday, October 31, 2014

If the Holy Sacrifice is of infinite value, why doesn't one Mass empty purgatory?

November 2nd, All Souls’ Day

There need be no defense of the obvious truth that the Holy Mass is of infinite value. Considering who is offered and who makes the offering, there can be no doubt that the Holy Sacrifice is enough not merely to redeem this world, but a thousand and ten thousand more worlds. Indeed, even then, the value of the Mass would not in the least be exhausted.

Thus, given that the Mass is enough to redeem ten thousand worlds and more, one may rightly ask why it is that a single Mass offered on All Souls’ Day for all the Faithful Departed does not suffice to empty out purgatory. Why is it that we must continually have Masses offered for the poor souls in purgatory?

Adult Education Series on Prayer: Session 6, Spiritual Reading

The adult ed series on prayer is being given on Tuesday evenings at 7pm at Corpus Christi in Great Falls, MT by Father Ryan Erlenbush.
On the importance of spiritual reading and the lives of the saints.

Sunday Sermon, October 26 -- Contraception as the Seed of the Culture of Death

We ask ourselves, "How did our nation ever become so lost? How is it that our doctors and nurses are killing the sick? How is it that the vaccines which are meant to protect our children are themselves made from aborted babies? How did it ever come to the point where products of abortion are even in our food?"

The answer: The seed of the culture of death is contraception, which treats the human person not as a child but as a choice. But pregnancy is not a disease, therefore contraception is not medicine.

Monday, October 27, 2014

Keeping the Apostles straight: Which Simon? And, Which Judas?

October 28th, Feast of Sts Simon and Jude

The Church honors two of her Apostles in a single feast, as Sts Simon and Jude were united in their last ministry and martyrdom. According to the Traditional Roman Martyrology, St. Simon first preached in Egypt and Jude in Mesopotamia, but they both ultimately came to Persia where they suffered martyrdom.

It is interesting to note that these two Apostles share names with two others of the Apostles – Simon called Peter, and Judas who betrayed the Lord. We will consider how the Church has added “nick-names” to our two Apostles so as to distinguish them from the others: Simon is called the “Zealot” and the “Canaanite”, while Judas is commonly referred to as “Thaddeus”.

Sermon for the Feast of Pope St John Paul II -- The canonized interpretation of Vatican II

A restating of what was said in a Sunday sermon at the time of the canonization. Pope St John Paul II is the canonized interpretation of the Second Vatican Council.

Adult Formation, Sessions on Prayer: Session 5 - Meditating with Sacred Scripture

This is a talk on Meditating with Sacred Scripture: The Breviary, The Psalms, Lectio Divina. Given at Corpus Christi Parish in Great Falls, MT by Father Ryan Erlenbush.

Adult Formation, Sessions on Prayer: Session 4 - The Three Ages of the Interior Life

This was a talk on the Three Ages of the Interior Life, given at Corpus Christi Parish in Great Falls by Father Ryan Erlenbush.